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Since the seventies in Coriano, a village nestled in the hills between Rimini and Riccione, Valleverde has designed and developed several patents in the field of comfortable footwear combining in a single product four characteristics: style, convenience, quality and design.

The continuous research in construction methods combined with the expert hands of our master shoemakers and the high quality of the materials used, coming exclusively from Italian suppliers, has brought the sample collections of Valleverde from the initial 150 pieces to over 2000 models.

Valleverde used to produce only shoes for woman. With time, however, they also added other lines: such as the line for men, born in 1983, the line for children, born in 1989 and the luggage line born in 1996.  In 2007 the leather jacket collection was born and 2009 was the year of ties and glasses.

In 2011 Valleverde has evolved through the merging with “CHGroup”, a network of consultants and managers who have helped to expand, even further, the Company’s commercial horizons still within the comfortable footwear, leading Valleverde to boast one of the most loyal clientele in the shoe market.

Valleverde currently sells about 1.5 million pairs of shoes per year in 1500 stores, including more than 250 mono-brand shops, located in Italy and abroad, exporting its “made ​​in Italy” all over the world.